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Razer rolls out Lycosa Mirror, Arctosa gaming keyboards


It's been almost exactly a year since Razer introduced its Lycosa gaming keyboard and it looks like the company's decided to celebrate by rolling out a new, slightly updated model. From the looks of it, the Lycosa Mirror (pictured above) is identical in most respects to its predecessor, with the exception of a new high-gloss mirror finish on the keys (as opposed to rubber), and some "enhanced backlighting." Those looking to head in the opposite direction can also now opt for Razer's new Arctosa keyboard (check it after the break), which does away with the backlighting and non-slip rubber finish altogether but hangs on to the usual programmable macro and media keys. You can look for it to be available in both silver on black and black on black versions for $50 next month, while the Lycosa Mirror will set you back $80 when it lands in December.

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