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Sega working with ESRB on MadWorld rating


In an interesting gesture of cooperation, it appears that Sega is working with the ESRB to make sure that MadWorld releases with an "M" rating in the US. MTV Multiplayer reports that the publisher has been submitting new builds to the ESRB and noting the rating organization's feedback. This is all, of course, an attempt to avoid an "AO" rating, which would not only ban the game from retail, but prevent it from being licensed for the Wii (or any other console, just to be clear).

The Sega reps also aren't expecting MadWorld to release in developer Platinum Games' native land of Japan until after its March 2009 release in the States. The company is focused on making it a Western hit -- and don't expect it to be shown at this week's Tokyo Games Show.

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[Via GamePolitics]

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