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Wii's World of Goo-d multiplayer


One week from today, WiiWare wil find itself in a sticky situation of – based on our hands-on time – the best possible kind. 2D Boy's World of Goo hits splorts onto Wii on October 13, and it, er you, won't be alone (in playing it).

Neither were we when we gave its multiplayer mode a spin, blop, and splat with three other Wiimote-wielders at Nintendo's Fall Media Summit. The game was just as charming and sticky as ever, only now we were glomming gooey creatures onto one another to reach each level's exit drain as a team. It's not a hugely different play experience as a group ... it's just, well, more fun (and frantic) that way.

World of Goo had us at ... whatever the goo would say in place of "Hello." Check out our single-player hands-on coverage and new screens while you wait for it to ooze into your Wii.

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