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WoW Moviewatch: Flapping Feast

Natalie Mootz

Here's an endearing little film called Flapping Feast from Tinkersmith Productions. It brings us that universally heartwarming story of a boy and his... um, chicken. Well, the chicken's a man, actually. And the boy is a middle-aged gnome named Falkireohan Tinkersmith the Second. But nonetheless! As I was saying... This film tells the tale of a gnome whose self-defense spell against a ganker goes horribly wrong and, in his guilt, Falkie tries to set things right as much as he can. The story logic is, assuredly, like a Grimm fairy tale -- the only way a man-who-thinks-he's-a-chicken can live happily ever after is if he has a pullet for a bride? -- and it has a feel to it without much of a character arc, but choosing a child to voice the 50-ish gnome and the folk-taleaccented English somehow works for me. And anyone who doesn't crack up laughing at the music which plays over the credits needs to get their funny bone examined. You may want to also view the sequel called Flapping Feast 2, but I didn't find it as charming as the original.


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