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Azentek SmartMirror heading to "major retailers" by end of the year


Azentek apparently managed to get a few of its SmartMirror rearview mirror replacements out the door back in August, but that brief spat of availability promptly gave way to back orders and waiting lists, and no doubt a few disappointed customers. According to the company, however, it's now not only ramping up production of the GPS-packing mirrors, but promising that they'll be available at "major retailers" by the end of the year as well. In case you missed it the first time around, the $800 device crams a 4-inch GPS unit up alongside an apparently standard-sized rearview mirror, and it surprisingly doesn't skimp on too many features, with it boasting handsfree Bluetooth calling, a built-in speaker, text-to-speech functionality, and an SD card slot for expansion (a 2GB card is included). For some true redundancy, you can also use the mirror as a monitor for a rearview camera.


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