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US Cellular getting LG Rhythm: think Chocolate with a cyclops eye (updated)

Chris Ziegler

We've learned that mega-regional US Cellular has its sights set on an LG slider apparently dubbed the UX585 "Rhythm" for a mid-November launch, featuring a 1.3-megapixel camera, FM transmitter a la Nokia N78 and LG Muziq, and an honest-to-goodness mechanical wheel -- a key feature for a phone touting a music slant. The theme doesn't stop there, though: the Rhythm is also said to benefit from tweaking by Mark Levinson's loving ears, a QVGA display, and something being called a "Touch Music Hot Key," a trick-looking circular touchscreen in the middle of the wheel. Yeah, these guys might be a little behind the Chocolate curve here, but at least they're coming out swinging. Look for it to run $129.95 featuring a $50 rebate for customers signing up for a data plan for at least three months.

[Thanks, USCCGuy]

Updated: Turns out Alltel snuck this out onto the market just this week in black and white as the AX585, and seeing how they're spelling it "Rhythm," we're updating the spelling for US Cellular's version, too (let's be honest -- "Rythm" would be an incredibly annoying trademarkable spelling for that word). Alltel's charging $119.99 on contract after rebates for the pleasure. Thanks, Jer!

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