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Dopod looking to slap its name on G1 for China next year

Chris Ziegler

We were sorta hoping HTC was going to get straight to work on its next batch of Android handsets post haste after getting the G1 out of the door -- you know, just to close the fashion gap with its WinMo line, if nothing else -- but the word on the street is that it'd like to spread the first-gen love just a little further and wider by hooking up its Dopod subsidiary in China. According to an unnamed Dopod source, the current plan has the G1 going to the Far East "possibly" in the first quarter of '09, featuring radios better suited for China's airwaves -- possibly TD-SCDMA, possibly just EDGE. For what it's worth, Dopod's corporate logo will up the G1's rugged good looks by a factor of ten -- seriously, isn't it awesome? [Warning: Subscription required]

[Via Talk Android]

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