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Gears 2 'The Last Day' COG tags unlock goodies

Dustin Burg

First off, we'll be honest and say we're a bit slow on getting the word out on this whole Gears of War 2 "The Last Day" viral COG tag thing. We blame the Locusts who created an Emergence Hole under our blogging desk ... damn Locusts, we apologize.

So, remember that mysterious Gears of War 2 COG tag that popped up on the Gears 2 vidoc? Well, there's no more mystery, because we know exactly what they're all about. It's a community driven, interactive and viral The Last Day online campaign aimed at getting fans to participate and unlock all kinds of digital Gears 2 goodies.

Each COG tag has a special CSID code on it and were randomly sent to community sites, media outlets, etc. This special code can be entered on the official The Last Day website and, if entered correctly, will unlock a digital wallpaper, buddy icon, audio clip or artwork. So far, Gears 2 community lead SixOkay has a Flickr folder of community discovered COG tags, Gamertag Radio has an account of their experience and the official Gears forums are abuzz with the latest finds and news. So, start your COG tag code search, unlock some Gears 2 goodies and DEMAND that Xbox 360 Fanboy get a special COG tag code to share. Yes, that was a very blunt request.

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