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Infect your PSP with Resistance 2 and Retribution connectivity


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In addition to the newly announced PSP Plus, Sony unveiled yet another way for your PSP and PS3 to interact with each other. All you have to do is connect a PSP running Resistance: Retribution with a PS3 running Resistance 2. Under R2's option screen, select "Infect your PSP!" and your PSP will enter "Infection mode."

This "Infection mode" will cause your character in Retribution, former British Marine James Grayson, to become infected with an alternate mutated form of the Chimera virus Nathan Hale is infected with. You gain a new uniform, R2 weaponry, additional abilities, access to new Chimera areas, and more. Even the story will be slightly altered -- characters in the story will be aware of your Chimerian infection which will alter their behavior accordingly. For more details, Andrew has written a hands-on over at Joystiq that you can access right here.

Source -- Joystiq
Source -- PS.Blog

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