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Plasma surprisingly gaining ground on LCD?

Darren Murph

Here we are again, smack dab in the crossfire as another plasma versus LCD battle rages on. This time, it's plasma surprisingly on top, with sales of LCD TVs seeming to slow as PDP adoption grows. One may assume that the global economic situation would cause a drop in sales across all platforms, but according to a new report from DisplaySearch, that's hardly the case. In fact, one David Hsieh (VP of DisplaySearch in China) even asserted that "plasma sales are booming while LCD TV sales are beginning to slow." The reason? Low prices. Now more than ever, consumers are able to snatch up big screen PDPs for a remarkably small outlay, and in many cases, comparable PDPs are priced a hair lower than a similar LCD. Of course, we very much expect LCD TVs to be all the rage when prices tank during Black Friday, but it's good see plasma showing signs of life once more. It had us worried there for awhile.

[Thanks, Vanbrothers]

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