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Samsung a867 "Eternity" for AT&T in the wild!

Chris Ziegler

Samsung's definitely up to some serious strategery for a fall / winter assault on AT&T, starting with that funky a637 that just launched and continuing on through high-drama rumors of Omnias, BlackJack IIIs, and pretty much everything in between. We're starting to get some solid intel on the a867, anyway, which we're told will be branded as the "Eternity" (though that name is still subject to change -- they seem to waffle on that every few minutes) when it launches next month for something in the range of $150 on contract. It looks like an Omnia, but the similarities end there; it's actually got closer ties to the F480 since it drops WinMo in favor of Sammy's proprietary setup. Look for this one to be a head-to-head Vu competitor, thanks to MediaFLO support (no external antenna needed!), a 3.2-inch touchscreen, and an integrated 3-megapixel cam. It also does AGPS, includes an all-important 3.5mm headphone jack, and can swallow those new 16GB microSD cards, making it a decent media player all around (in theory, anyhow). It's also said to have a "light pipe" at the bottom -- basically a fancy status light that can be configured to show colors for new emails, text messages, and so on. Feeling a little heat on that Vu over there, LG?

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