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Schappert: 'No immediate plans' to delist XBLA titles

Were you worried your procrastination would be irrevocable when you learned that Rocky & Bullwinkle – an Xbox Live Arcade title you'd flirted with for months – could have been summarily "delisted" from the 360's Marketplace for no reason other than a horrible review average and a notable lack of enthusiasm from the console's constituents?

Fret no more! Microsoft's John Schappert told us yesterday that the company has "no immediate plans to act on delisting" and, in fact, that little brouhaha earlier this year was simply the company setting "parameters by which [they] can delist" content. With the New Xbox Experience promising an easier-to-use Marketplace, the existing retail mess will (ostensibly) be cleaned up and the XBLA shovelware shouldn't get in the way of what you're really there for: Rocky and Bullwinkle.

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