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Halo 3: Recon, the trailer

Kevin Kelly

You want details? We don't got 'em. But, there might be something hidden in the video. Watch the new video above, or head over to Bungie's "Meet Our New Game" page to download the goodness of the Halo 3: Recon trailer, available in both Quicktime and Windows Media flavors.

Bungie / Microsoft really didn't agonize over choosing a name for Halo 3: Recon, did they? Maybe this hints at a slew of Halo 3 Fill-In-The-Blank titles that'll stretch your H3 experince from now until the year 2041, when your brain just gets dropped right into the game. Who knows, by then you might actually be able to just get an injection that'll make you Master Chief.

By the way, this Halo 3: Recon video footage is also available in sparkling high-definition on the Xbox Live Marketplace, so if you're really jonesing for something to pick apart and agonize over for the next umpteen months, then get to downloading. It's free and waiting for you.

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