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TGS 08: Level-5 set to launch digital distribution service ROID

Majed Athab

Valve has done pretty well for itself with its digital distribution service Steam and it seems other companies want in on the easy money to be had. Take software developers Level-5 (Rogue Galaxy, Professor Layton) for example who'll be pumping out their own digital downloads with a little something called ROID. Level-5's ROID service targets both PC and Mobile gaming and will launch for Japan in April 2009.

What's most interesting about this service is that Level-5 currently doesn't have any PC-developed or Mobile-developed games in their portfolio. Does this mean they'll be porting some of their older games like Dark Cloud to the PC? Or, are they going to make all new IP in support of the service? While the answer to those questions won't pop up just yet, we do have a little bit more on ROID you can check out. You can distract yourself with photos of the ROID mascot (which is apparently a console transformer) in our gallery below. Also, you can head over to the official website here.

Gallery: Level-5's Roid | 4 Photos

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