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TGS 08: Level-5 video roundup


Level-5's Tokyo Game Show booth featured a Closed Theater presentation (much like their competitor, Square Enix). However, unlike the other JRPG overlord, Level-5 encouraged us to actually let you watch these trailers as well by endowing us with a DVD (courtesy of booth girl). Our favorite trailer of the three new games unveiled at TGS this year is for PSP: Ushiro, a horror-themed RPG that has you playing a ghost haunting his darling (in a not-so-Patrick Swazey way).

That's not all, of course. The busy RPG team is also hard at work on a new DS game in collaboration with Studio Ghibli, and a new PSP game that lets you customize some robots. Check out those videos, and more, after the break.

Ni no Kuni (aka The Another World is an RPG that's in collaboration with famed anime house Studio Ghibli. DS footage is shown, but "Another Platform" is teased at the end. With such impressive production values, we wouldn't be surprised to see this game end up on a much more powerful console to take advantage of the potential for oodles of lovely Ghibli-animated cutscenes.

Danbol Senki (aka Cardboard War Machine) is a PSP RPG that allows kids to build custom robots and battle them in a virtual arena. The art looks strangely reminiscent of another PSP game ... Jeanne d'Arc. The kids will probably want to look out for this one.

Ten years of Level-5 games in one historic retrospective. From PS2's Dark Cloud to DS' Professor Layton, Level-5 has had its hand in quite a number of big profile games. It's amazing to see how ten years have carried Level-5 from a development team ... to a genre juggernaut.

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