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TGS08: First footage of The Another World [update]


Update: First images of the book and the package it all comes in have made their way online! Head past the break to catch a glimpse.

Level-5 and Studio Ghibli's upcoming DS RPG, Ni no Kuni: The Another World is sure to be a big success. Why? Uh, have you watched the video above yet? The game looks awesome. With the visual presence that Studio Ghibli provides with its great animation and wonderful character design, along with Level-5's RPG experience, this is going to be a game you want to keep your eyes on.

Know what else is cool? The game is going to come with a custom spellbook specific to that copy of the game. What's inside? Spells, of course (among other things, such as a bestiary)! You can see a bit of it in the video above, where the weird symbols are drawn. After the video, hit up this link to read the Level-5 president's interview with Famitsu about the game.

Source - TGS 2008 trailer
Source - Level-5 pres talks about Ni no Kuni
Source - Pics of the spell book

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