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TGS08: Sneak through the Tenchu 4 demo


You know, we've been watching Tenchu 4 for a bit now and we're holding out hope that it won't totally suck. Call us optimists or whatever, but we really thing the game can be a solid Wii title. For one, it's Tenchu and our fond memories of the early games keeps us hoping that the franchise will return to its roots again. Secondly, there isn't much in the way of compelling stealth-based games on the console, so a solid entry in the genre would benefit the library of games, in our eyes. Plus, it has kittens.

Above, you'll see the first video of three that takes you through the entire demo build available at TGS 2008. Head past the break for the other two.


And just because we felt like it ...

[Via Go Nintendo]

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