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BDA unsurprisingly bullish for holiday season

Darren Murph

Given that Iron Man just crushed every other Blu-ray sales record set before it, not to mention the fact that sub-$200 BD decks are finally upon us, we can't say we're flabbergasted by the Blu-ray Disc Association's most recent comments. Victor Matsuda, Chairman of the BDA Global Promotions Committee, was recently quoted as saying that "[the BDA] has good reason to predict that this Q4 sales period will see the Blu-ray Disc revolution take hold in US mainstream markets and [that it] will witness strong sales performance in every other geographical region." Comically enough, he also stated that "the availability of affordable players is an important factor," which contrasts pretty starkly with comments made by the BDA just weeks ago. Not that we're complaining about lower prices or anything...

[Via Pocket-lint, image courtesy of Photobucket]

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