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BlizzCon 2008: Opening ceremonies liveblog

Dan O'Halloran

10:55am: Waiting anxiously for the show to begin. The crowd is excited and ready for a big announcement. WoW movie announcement? Mobile game announcement? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Update: It's over, and the only real announcement we heard was that Diablo 3 has a new class: the Wizard. Stay tuned all day for more news from BlizzCon, including the WoW UI/Addons panel, a classes panel (always fun), and lots of news from the show floor. And have you seen the costume gallery yet?

11:25AM That's it. Opening ceremonies over. No big announcements other than the new D3 class which we found out about earlier today.

11: 25AM Wizard class blows up everything in a spectacular fashion. Lightning bolts, fire balls, plenty of AE action.

11:23AM Uh, I need to change my shorts now. BRB.

11: 19AM Diablo 3 class announced: Wizard. Cinematic being shown.

11:15AM Intro cinematic to Wrath being shown. (premiered at Liepzig Games conference in Germany two months ago.)

11:14AM Developers will meet players and sign boxes on Wrath launch day in Anaheim, CA and NY. More info in coming week.s

11:14AM "We are on the eve of a historic occasion next month. And I don't mean the presidential election."

11:13AM Total Prize package for tournaments this weeknd is $200,000.

11:12AM Competitive gaming: Arathi Basin on deck at BlizzCon. The first StarCraft II tournament ever will be this weekend. The culmination of the 2008 season is also this weekend.

11:10AM We're watching the highlights from June. Exciting, but nothing new.

11:07AM Showing highlights from June's WWI.

11:05AM Attendees are here from 27 different countries. If WoW were a country it would be the 75th most populated country in the world.

11:05AM This year's sold out in 15 mins. Sold 15,000 tickets, almost double last year.

11:04AM When the first BlizzCon went on sale, it took 3 weeks to sell out.

11:03AM Morhaime thanks us for enjoying and celebrating all things Blizzard.

11:01AM Mike Morhaime introduced.

11:00AM Announcement that ceremonies are about to begin.

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