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Fallout 3 the latest victim of piracy

Ross Miller

Note: Not an actual pirate
Before it had been announced as being certified gold, it appears a leaked copy of Fallout 3 for Xbox 360 (and, somewhat surprisingly, not PC) had appeared on the internet and torrent sites. Gamasutra speculates that the leak may have come from the manufacturing plant. The purported 6.52GB download requires a modified console to use. Unlike Spore, there is no activist justificaiton of "doing it because of the DRM."

When contacted by Joystiq, Bethesda had no comment for the story. According to Parental Guidance, it appears the publisher-developer has already begun sending cease-and-desists to websites who link to it. While we can't prevent you from downloading the game, if you're decide whether or not to fork over $60, trust us, it's pretty good.

Note: We're not going to provide links to torrent sites, and if you do, expect a banhammer in the very near future.

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