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New Star Trek Online screenshots reveal character customization depth

Kyle Horner

The newest trio of screens to come out for Star Trek Online give us a taste of what to expect from the character customization options touted in the MMO. But simply calling it character creation would be underselling it. Cryptic is promising fully-featured racial creation tools here, which explains why the lady in the upper right of the image above looks like a green Klingon. Don't get us wrong, we're totally cool with green ridge-head ladies -- they're just the bee's knees. Though in truth we've always had a soft spot for Betazoids, if we're going to be honest here.

Aside from this visual tease, the other two images focus on the game environment like most of the previous screenshots we've seen. We're happy to be getting a little bit more information out of Cryptic, even if the offering has only made us lust for more customization details. Consider us on watch for visual starship customization examples.

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