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TGS 08: Joystiq's Final Fantasy XIII and Versus trailer impressions

Alan Tsang

Ah, the infamous Square Enix's Closed Theater strikes again. As usual, the theater is closed off to everyone except for members of the press. Luckily for us, our very own Majeb Athab is currently at TGS and was able to check out the newest Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers on our behalf. The FFXIII trailer introduces new characters (including a Sephiroth-esque female) who might be villains. The biggest highlight for the Versus XIII trailer is the inclusion of in-game footage for the first time, though it still lacking any sort of in-game battle footage. We won't spoil the rest of it for you, so check out the trailer impressions for FFXIII right here and Versus XIII right here.

Source -- Joystiq
Source -- Joystiq

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