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BlizzCon 2008: Dance contest highlights

Dan O'Halloran

The dance contest at BlizzCon this year was much like the costume contest: many funny, sometimes inept entries and one stand out that took the grand prize, no question. The winner performed the Undead Female dance, but she did more than just mimic the moves, she wove a spell of rythmic seduction and the 8,000 fans attending the contest couldn't get enough of it. You'll see her at the end of the footage above.

There were other entertaining dancers. The ogre dance/striptease (third place) and enthusiastic male troll (second place) were big crowd pleasers. And the many female dancers put their best foot forward going from alluring (female dranei) to raunchy (female orc.) The eight minute video above, generously provided by our mothersite Joystiq, shows you the highlights of the night.

Edit: Corrected second place dance description.

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