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Wii Warm Up: Taiko Risk Assessment


Taiko Drum Master was released in the US once, on PlayStation 2. It didn't really go well. Now Namco Bandai has revealed a version for the Wii, and we're wondering if they'll decide to localize it. Or if they should. Well, of course they should, but we mean in terms of financial success.

Since the release of the PS2 game, Guitar Hero and Rock Band have somehow moved the music game out of the exclusive realm of people like us and into the mainstream. You probably know people who have one of those games. There's another factor in Taiko's favor this time: it's basically a party game, and the Wii is openly hospitable toward those.

Do you think a Taiko could be a success on the Wii outside of Japan? Are Americans ready to bang on a tiny replica of a Japanese drum in time with "Katamari on the Rock"?


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