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LG's BD300 Netflix / Blu-ray deck gets delayed

Darren Murph

October 10th has come and gone, and LG's BD300 has yet to leave the shipping dock. In fact, Circuit City is sending out notifications to consumers that pre-ordered the unit to inform them of the holdup. According to the note, the manufacturer (that'd be LG) has yet to release the product to the store for shipment, meaning that there's no telling when it'll finally be received. What's the deal, LG? Is this just a momentary snag, or something we should really be concerned about? Check the full e-mail after the jump.

[Thanks, Jeffrey]

Update: Seems that only some retailers are getting their shipments delayed -- hopefully you get lucky.

Original Release Date: 10/10/2008

Product Ordered: LG BD-300 High Definition Blu-ray DVD Player with NetFlix Instant Streaming

We will keep your pre-order open for the next 30 days and ship your item when we receive it. You will not be charged for this item until it ships.

If you would like to cancel your order, please click here.

Sincerely, Customer Support at 1-800-593-4361.

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