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One WoW player controls 36 characters simultaneously


Long-time World of Warcraft players have probably had run-ins with "multiboxers", players with multiple accounts who control more than one character at a time, during their illustrious adventuring careers -- but we're fairly sure no Azerothian has ever seen anything like this. A WoW player by the name of Prepared, using the terrifying eleven-computer rig you see above, has begun tooling around Azeroth in his own 36-shaman raid party. When asked how he controls so many characters at once, Prepared was unable to respond, as he is an octopus.

However, he was able to share some of the financial demands imposed upon his single-player raid machine, such as his six-month subscription plan for each of the accounts, which runs him $5,711 annually. He also plans to pick up 36 copies of the title's upcoming expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, which he estimates will cost him $1,500. The price doesn't bother Prepared, who remarks, "there are more expensive hobbies out there than World of Warcraft." Yes, like that black tar heroin "hobby" our uncle Marco recently took up.

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