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Velodyne spells out details on Impact subwoofers

Steven Kim

We gave a heads up on Velodyne's new Impact line of subwoofers just before CEDIA, and even though it's taken a bit longer than we expected, now we have some details to share. There are three models to choose from: the Impact-Mini (6.5-inch forward-facing driver, a 8-inch passive radiator on the bottom and a 300-Watt amp), and the Impact-10 and Impact-12 featuring downward-firing ports, 250- and 275-Watt amps respectively, and driver sizes you can probably guess from the model names. Prices are definitely on the affordable end of Velodyne's range, coming in at $549, $399 and $499 for the Impact-Mini, Impact-10 and Impact-12, respectively.

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