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Rising Star on the two versions of No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle [update]


Rising Star Games, Marvelous Entertainment's European arm, gave a statement to Electronic Theatre about the dual-version European release of No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle announced by Suda51. On a basic level, Rising Star's Yen Hau confirmed the plans to sell two versions, not that we didn't believe Suda.

Hau also detailed the exact differences between the two releases, and it's good news. "There's no difference bar the blood," Hau said. "If you remember the differences of the first game it'll be just that." The "uncensored" European release will be exactly like the US version, and the "censored" release will be like the Japanese version. This also means that Grasshopper is planning to release the game in Japan.

We look forward to hearing more details about the logistics of this dual release -- like whether both versions will be available in stores, and if the packaging and marketing will vary.

[Update: A Rising Star Games press release details the storyline of Desperate Struggle: "Taking place three years after the end of the first title, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle sees hero Travis Touchdown embark on a mission of revenge following the murder of his best friend."]


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