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Time Warner Cable adding 13 new HD channels in Dayton, Ohio

Darren Murph

Are you stoked, Dayton? You should be. Time Warner Cable has just sent out fliers to select customers in the region noting that a baker's dozen worth of HD channels are on the way, which will bring the grand total in the area to 46. Reportedly, the outfit will be pretty much finishing off its switched digital video (SDV) transition, as all 13 of the newcomers will be delivered via the bit-saving method. Ready to check out the exhaustive list? Head on past the break, you lucky, lucky Ohioan. [Disclosure: Engadget is part of the Time Warner family]

[Thanks, Dayton Guy]

November 2008

  • Big Ten Network HD on Demand on 1222
  • Palladia HD on 777
  • Disney Channel HD on 773
  • Discovery Channel HD on 770
  • ABC Family HD on 774
  • TLC HD on 771
  • ESPNU HD on 769
  • FOX News HD on 776
  • Hallmark Movie Channel HD on 772
  • CNN HD on 775

December 2008 (no number placement yet)
  • TWC says ten more will be added in December but only listed these so far for December...
  • Animal Planet HD
  • The Weather Channel HD
  • Science Channel HD

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