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Activision announces new sports game for Wii


Titled Big League Sports, Activision's new game is taking inspiration from the many other minigame compilations available on the console. Due for release in North America this holiday season, the new game emphasizes "a singular focus on putting players in the most thrilling situations while competing in their favorite sports." The "favorite sports" it speaks of? Tennis, basketball, football (American style), soccer, lacrosse and hockey, with each sport featuring its own "hit the shot and the buzzer" moment, although we're not sure exactly what that means (some kind of tension mechanic?).

The final version of the game will feature 22 events across six different sports and various game modes, including single game, marathon, and tournament. There's also going to be a character creation mode which, you guessed it, means there is a strong chance the game will have Mii support. Look for Big League Sports this holiday season.

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