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Found Footage: 1942 Philco radio / Mac mini mod


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TUAW reader Sandy Winkelman (AKA Winkstink) sent us a tip the other day about an amazing mod he's done. Sandy took a 1942 Philco radio, gutted it, added a Mac mini and 17" Sony monitor with touchscreen, and turned it into a classy networked digital media center.

The sound system consists of a Sony DVD/CD/receiver with a 2.1 speaker system. Watching the video, you can see how music can be played through iTunes and Front Row, all with the touch of a finger on the screen. Sandy also shows how Front Row is used as a front end for watching movies and video.

The Philco also has an EyeTV for viewing and recording live TV, and can be controlled from an iPod touch or iPhone using Remote and/or DVDremote. Sandy has also made a Picasa gallery with more pictures of the details and construction of this sweet mod.

Have you been working on a mod? Let us know about it.

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