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Lenovo launches ho hum $399 H210 desktop PC

Darren Murph

As you very well know, Lenovo's entirely more associated with rock solid laptops than desktops of any stature, but that's not stopping the outfit from dishing out a new tower today for under four bills. The H210 sports a glossy black finish, Lenovo's VeriFace facial recognition technology (which bites, by the way) and a feature dubbed File Management to "save critical data on a special system partition in the event of system failure." As for specs, you'll find your choice of Intel's dual-core E2200 or the Core 2 Duo E7200, between 2GB and 4GB of RAM, 500GB / 640GB hard drive, a dual-layer DVD writer, Intel's GMA3100 graphics set and a bunch of software you'll probably find more annoying than useful. It's available now for those somehow enthused starting at $399.

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