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Let's have fun with Let's Tap


We're just gonna lay it out there: Let's Tap looks more like Let's Be Completely Freakin' Awesome (And Take That, Guitar Hero). The game debuted amidst excitement about Sin & Punishment 2 and Punch-Out!!, and so didn't get quite the attention it deserved. You wouldn't think it could then stand out at TGS, but the armchair-drumming (wait, tapping) game with the wild visuals managed to draw a little spotlight and snag some favorable impressions.

What's really striking about Let's Tap, though, is that it seems to capture the anything-goes, nontraditional spirit of the Wii -- remember that? the promise of new and breathtaking vistas? -- in a way that software like Wii Fit cannot. You put the Wii remote on a box. Then you do the same thing you do anytime you're stuck waiting at a light, or standing by a file cabinet: you drum out rhythms with your fingertips and this translates to the screen. It's simple, wacky, brilliant, and we wish it was being released tomorrow.

Sadly, we may be alone in this.

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