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LG intros integrated, adjustable privacy screen for laptops

Tim Stevens

You're not being paranoid if you're surfing in public and feeling a little self-conscious; that creepy guy to your right is totally peeking over his Times, looking for a vicarious gadget fix. Right now you're probably thinking a privacy filter would help, but they tend to make things look awfully murky even if you're sitting front and center. LG says it has the solution with its new Viewing-angle Image Control display, a 14.1-inch screen able to have its visible extent cropped from 175- down to just 60-degrees via a push of a button, supposedly without impacting overall brightness. It's not the first nor the second such display we've seen with this ability, but it is already in mass production and should start showing up in laptops everywhere soon -- or not showing up, as it were.

[Via Electronista]

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