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Nokia's E71 swiped from FIDO, reserved for Rogers launch?

Darren Murph

From a corporate standpoint, we can sort of understand the parent company's desire to have the best handset launches all to itself, but it sure would've been kind of it to throw FIDO a proverbial bone. If you'll recall, whispers were in the air that Rogers, FIDO's parent company, would be reserving the Nokia E71 for a fall / winter FIDO launch; now, we're hearing from a number of directions that those plans may have been scrapped. In fact, Rogers could now be hosting the phone all by its lonesome next month in Canada. Of course, we'll have to wait until then to see if hearts change once more, but boy, the tug-of-war between parent and child here is really bringing back some frightening memories.

[Via mobilesyrup]

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