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Petopia updated for 3.0.2

Eliah Hecht

Some people are excited about new talents and skills today. Some are excited about barber shops, or inscription. Me, I'm most excited about training a moth on my lowbie hunter. Think about it: moths! Ferocious, flappy beasts of terror and majesty - what could be better? I will be heading straight over to Azuremyst Isle as soon as the servers come back online, though it make take a death or two as a level 18 blood elf. That's a price that must be paid, since the only pre-Outlands trainable moths are the level 1 Vale Moths in the Draenei starting area.

And how do I know this? Mania has fully updated her simply amazing Petopia for the patch. You will now find information there on every pet family available now or in Wrath, with all the details on skills and stats. There is also an insanely detailed FAQ, so if there's anything you want to know on the new pet training system, for instance, you can find it out there. I'm continually impressed with the quality of the site; there's nothing I want to know about hunter pets that isn't there (except why the pretty blue moths on Bloodmyst Isle can't be tamed). So thank you, Mania, for an excellent site and a very thorough update.

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