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Servers starting to come back online

Eliah Hecht

After an epic twelve-hour maintenance today to apply patch 3.0.2, the WoW servers are starting to come back online. As of last count, only a few dozen were up, scattered across the US and Oceanic realms, but the rest of them can't be too far behind (none of mine are up yet). The ETA for maintenance finishing is 2 PM PST/5 PM EST - looks like they beat their maintenance estimates for once, assuming the realms are all back before too long. I'm excited for so many reasons; this is one of the biggest days in WoW history, and there's fun new stuff to try out for every class.

The realms coming up will also give us a chance to sort out the saga of the patch notes, and figure out what exactly is being included in this patch in the way of class changes. Is your realm up yet? What are you going to do first when it is?

Update: Blizzard is now saying it might take until 3 PM PST/6 PM EST 4:30 PM PST/7:30 PM EST 6 PM PST/9 PM EST for all the realms to be up.

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