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TGS 08: Have a look at Irem's Disaster Report PSP

Majed Athab

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 (Disaster Report PSP) is a PSP exclusive for Japan that was shown off at TGS this past week. Despite it being only shown in video format, Irem booth goers who wanted to check it out did end up with quite a treat and a smile on their faces. Irem's booth featured an earthquake simulator (pictured) which shook gamers as a video demonstration showed them how the game works. It looked like a rather interesting experience, though we didn't get time to sit down and ride the monster.

While you can't experience the thrill of that machine to help get you better acquainted with Disaster Report PSP, you can do the alternative. You can check out our gallery for 16 all-new pics from the game and perhaps, if you want to, just shake in your seat.


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