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Tullahoma Board of Utilities begins beta testing FTTH services in Tennessee

Darren Murph

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The Tullahoma Board of Utilities has made no secret of its plans to rollout a fiber-to-the-premise network to deliver television, high-speed internet and phone services to residents of the Tennessee town, but it sounds as if the aforesaid services (to be dubbed LightTUBe) are edging ever closer to being available for ordering. Reportedly, the TUB has just begun beta testing the offerings, though there's no definitive go-live date just yet. Still, we're told that quite a few high-definition channels will be available at launch, including ABC, FOX, CBS, PBS, MyNetwork TV, ION, WGN HD, A&E HD, National Geographic HD, Discovery HD, History HD, HGTV HD, Food Network HD, ESPN HD, ESPNews HD, ESPNU HD, ESPN2 HD, TLC HD, Animal Planet HD, The Science Channel HD, FSN HD, Golf HD, TNT HD, QVC HD, CNN HD, QVC HD, TBS HD, Speed HD, Planet HD, FX HD, Fox News HD, SciFi HD, Bravo HD, USA HD, CNBC HD, Universal HD and all of the premium movie channels in HD. Okay, so maybe "quite a few" was a slight understatement.

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