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TurpsterVision: WAR, What is it good for?

Mark Turpin

I wont bore you all with words and phrases strung together to create some form of coherence, instead I will jump right back in! I am extremely proud to invite you once more to join in with the fun right here at Massively that is TurpsterVision! "Oi Git face! Wot'z dis? Da same game twice? Dis is an outrage! WAAGHH"

It is true folks, we are having a look at Warhammer Online once again here at TurpsterVision, but this time we are looking at the game as a whole and trying to answer that age old question of; is it actually fun to play?

Well if I told you here that would ruin all the fun, 'ow about you join me afta da break an' we'll see wot I make of a life at WAR...sorry, been playing Greenskins just a little bit too much recently.
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So there you have it, WAR is here, and it's here to stay! It is great fun and if you haven't played it yet, now is the time to try it! Soon we'll have an angry, chilly, undeady monarch to deal with, and when that arrives I don't think you'll be paying much attention to anything else. Unless, of course, you like that silly girlie PvP, in which case we are having a look next episode at a game that sort to give you that from the beginning. And, for free! No difficult choices about subscriptions? That is Madness!

Enjoy WAR, and come back for the next TV all about ... oh, you know.

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