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Visit new Fable 2 site, win fabulous in-game prizes


Microsoft has launched a new Fable 2 site that allows users to win in-game items after completing some of the content found within. Although Chicken Kickin' is amusing, it's The Hero's Tale puppet show, narrated by the amazing Zoë Wanamaker, that deserves some attention. The player leads their character through a little Fable webisode and receives a gift at the end, which is then tied to their Gamertag and becomes available when they get the game. There are apparently five possible prizes (we got the chicken suit).

As long as the site streams properly, The Hero's Tale is actually quite an enjoyable way of getting a little bit of that Fable 2 magic in before next week's release. We're now conflicted if Zoë Wanamaker or God of War's Linda Hunt is our favorite fantasy game narrator.

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