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Yamaha's BODiBEAT reviewed: 'part DJ, part heart monitor, and part trainer'

Tim Stevens

Like DAPs with oodles of cheap storage, luscious screens, non-proprietary headphone jacks, and "so skinny I keep losing the damn thing" form-factors? Yamaha's BODiBEAT is not for you -- unless you're willing to look past all that in order to be the hippest sprinter on the trails. It's a chunky, blocky, $299 thing with a monochrome display and a measly 512MB of (non-expandable) memory, existing to serve only one purpose: amping up runners. According to a review at Yanko Design, it delivers on that at least, dynamically selecting from your tracks so beats suit your heart rate and pace, filling in with "built-in circa 1990 techno songs" when your collection fails to match your tempo. Its jogging-friendly "pinch" buttons got high marks, as did the accuracy in picking tracks to tweak workouts, but the overall value here seems awfully limited for all but the hardest of hardcore marathoners.

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