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Blu-ray player prices dropped 12% in Q3, still in just 1.7% of US homes

Darren Murph

Here are a few more numbers to chew on as you try to decipher what's really going on in the world of Blu. During Q3 2008, Blu-ray player prices on the whole slipped 12% to an average of $350. While that may sound pretty good to you, just 1.7% of American homes posses a standalone Blu-ray deck. Of course, that number leaves out the legions of PS3 owners who gleefully enjoy BD flicks on their Sony-branded console, but it still pales in comparison to the 26% of US homes that currently have HDTV from a cable or satellite provider. The figures, which were quoted in a recent Wall Street Journal article, are used to assert that BD still hasn't "arrived" here on US soil, and for most, HD programming or vanilla DVDs are just fine. Our take? Well, we can't argue the numbers, but we're giddy to see how they change after Black Friday 2008 (and the holiday season) takes its toll.

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