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DS Daily: GameStart


Whatever we think about GameStop's latest initiative to bring people (specifically, women) into the store, we can at least say with certainty that it's fairly interesting. We aren't sure how well it will work, but it's interesting.

Most game enthusiasts end up in a GameStop now and again even if they don't care for the chain, either because they want to pick up new releases without waiting or paying for shipping, or they want something that isn't available new anymore -- or because there's one nearby and they're bored.

What is your opinion of the in-store atmosphere? What could be done to make it friendlier and/or more inviting? Besides just giving us some free games, that is. That would work pretty well. If any GameStop execs are reading, you can go ahead and write that one down and present it as your own at the next big meeting. We don't need credit or anything.

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