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EA: Spore's 'particularly aggressive' DRM unnoticed by most


Potential storm in a teacup news now, with EA CEO John Riccitiello recently commenting on Spore's "particularly aggressive" digital rights management at a Media & Money conference. Though expressing a dislike for the anti-piracy system, Riccitiello explained that better protection against those with a propensity for pilferage had yet to manifest. He further added that the widely reported outcry against Spore's DRM originated from a deafening minority.

"We chose a particularly aggressive form of DRM, which 99.8 percent of consumers would never notice, but that two-tenths of one percent got incredibly focused and formed an online PR cabal," he said. "We can eliminate piracy by essentially blocking the online service from the pirate." Riccitiello called it "the future of DRM," one we hope will be more adept at distinguishing between the consumers and the criminals.

[Via Big Download]

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