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Far Cry 2 bundled with Spore DRM


Time for 0.2 percent of you to form an "online PR cabal" again? Perhaps. Ubisoft forum manager "bukowski113" has posted details about the Far Cry 2 DRM, which happens to be the same SecuROM technology tied to Spore and other EA PC (and sometimes Mac) titles. According to bukowski113:
  • Purchasers have up to 5 activations on 3 separate PCs
  • Uninstalling Far Cry 2 "refunds" an activation; this process is known as "revoke" (as long as you properly uninstall the game, you'll be able to re-install it an unlimited number of times on the 3 machines)
  • A computer can be upgraded an unlimited number of times (using "revoke")
  • Ubisoft is willing to provide additional activations, if necessary
  • "Ubisoft is committed to the long-term support of our games: you'll always be able to play Far Cry 2"
Welcome to "the future of DRM," people. Get comfy.

[Via Shacknews]

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