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Guildwatch: Prime Time Hours!

Mike Schramm

It's good to know that, whatever changes in the World of Warcraft, be it talents or raids, or pets or mounts, or anything else, there'll always be people that take the game too darn seriously. And when they do, that's usually when Guildwatch shows up, mostly, let's admit it, to point and laugh.

Oh, but we also praise those who get things done, too. It's all in this week's Guildwatch, as usual -- check behind the link below for drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realms. Patch 3.0.2 is here, Wrath is just around the corner, and Guildwatch continues to cover the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of guilds.


  • Epic World PvP: Serenity and Downfall on Gorgonnash joined forces with others like people from Restless Souls, Oblivion, Final Code, and other assorted randoms, and led a gigantic campaign against the Horde cities on the server -- their real target was Orgrimmar (and Thrall), but they sent 15 man teams up against the other cities as well just to distract the Horde. They crushed Thrall, and then the 15 at Thunder Bluff took out Cairn, so they all teamed up at Undercity to finish off Sylvannas. Very awesome. We can only hope the Horde is regrouping and planning a counterattack worthy of a fight like that one.
  • Pkpkgankyounow on Dalvengyr (who I believe we've written about before) had a little 'glaive drama -- Ironhide is the raid leader, Sugsug is his brother, Cashi is another Rogue in the guild who's been dedicated for a long time. Warglaive drops, Sugsug gets it from Ironhide, the end. Cashi, we hear, left the guild soon after. Nepotism much?
  • Chaotic Good dropped Thrall on Durotan, but they didn't do it during PRIME TIME HOURS, so apparently it didn't count. Wait, what? War happens 24/7 -- if you can't defend the leader of the Horde at all times, then you can't defend him at all.
  • Quo Vadis on Onyxia is supposed to be the worst guild ever, but not for the reason you think it is. Wait, did you think it was because they kicked Shazow? Because if so, you're right.
  • The Broken House on Sisters of Elune just recently celebrated their first anniversary as a guild -- they say they had some ups and downs as a guild, but they're glad to be an RP guild that's still standing after twelve months. Here's to many more!
  • Dishonorable Assassins on Daggerspine had just invited a newbie to their guild, and he was singing whatever rap he was hearing in guild chat, including references to women and drugs that they didn't really appreciate. And so when they decided that they didn't really want him around any more, they came up with a pretty creative way to make him leave. (This link should be fixed now, sorry about that.)
  • Unfortunately, the forums are down thanks to the patch today, so forum drama is hard to come by this week. But when they come back up, we hear this thread (about a member of Crucifix on EU Kilrogg getting kicked) has the goods. We'll be back here when the forums come back, so look for more then.
  • Dyers Eve on Tanaris-A, really feeling the pressure before the patch, stepped up and dropped Kael'thas to pick up their titles. Grats!
  • Demise of Burning Blade downed Kil'Jaden for a server first.
  • Blades of Light and Ninth Alliance (Sentinels-A) downed Najj on the second pull of their first time into BT. Supremus also got dropped later in the week. Nice job.
  • Reborn of EU Spinebreaker cleared out the Black Temple on their first night of tries. Mount Hyjal is also clear, so they finished off almost all the content they wanted to before the patch.
  • Reservoir Dogs on EU Lightbringer are lately working on trying to get some bodies together for ZA, but they recently dropped Hex Lord (with the help of another guild). They're recruiting now for WotLK -- average age of the guild is around 30, so if you're mature and looking to take the game seriously while still having a great time, look them up.
  • Serkequendi, a casual raiding guild, have finally moved from farming MH to seriously tackling BT: Supremus, Shade of Akama and Teron Gorefiend have all fallen in quick succession in the last 2 weeks, despite many of the key guild members, including the GL, being "on holiday" 'till WotLK. Very nice.
  • Cause and Effect on EU Bloodhoof has downed M'uru -- we hear it was hard, there was crying, and even some drama, but they eventually toppled him. Which leaves only KJ, and they say their goal before Wrath is to drop KJ for a server first. Good luck!
  • Ruined on EU Anachronos entered Black Temple in May and are working on Illidan now after having toppled the Illidari Council, so we're putting him on notice. Good luck to everyone there, including Seonid (a.k.a. JJ, but don't ask), Hatsya and Grimlor.
  • Bloodrite on Thorium Brotherhood has downed Eredar Twins. M'uru attempts are going well, but likely didn't get the giant wind chime before 3.0.2 -- a few of them were off at BlizzCon.
  • Judge on EU Alonsus is a "casual" guild (if you believe three nights of raiding a week is casual -- I'd say not) and they've just downed Illidan. They're passing on Sunwell, so next up is Wrath! Also, they want to call us at WoW Insider out -- we've said in the past that Pallys couldn't tank Illidan, but they proved us wrong.
  • Misery on Onyxia-H downed Archi and has killed him twice now The guild has only been around for 3-4 weeks and is already established as one of the top raiding guilds on the server. Grats!
  • Shoguns of Kalimdor on Whisperwind rolled 3/4 TK in one night, including Lurker and Tidewalke guild-first kills. They've got momentum and hope to do well at level 80 endgame also -- recruiting Mages, Resto Druids, and Enhancement Shaman.
  • Edge of Insanity on Bloodhoof has downed Felmyst, and continue to work towards KJ before Wrath. They're recruiting Druids of all types and Resto Shamans for both pre-expansion progression and post-expansion leveling and raiding, and will take all classes if you're worth it.
  • Eastern Raiders dropped the Reliquary of Souls last week. They also went to play with Mother Shahraz, but only got her to 80% before people got too tired.
  • Relentless of Bladefist has been successful at running not one but two 25 man groups for the past four months and they're working on dropping Illidan. He's on notice, go to!
  • Fighting Polygon Team on Barthilas finally downed Netherspite after half a year (!) of unlucky voidzones and Ret Pallys jumping in the red beam. They've progressed past him but Netherspite was always their "pet peeve." Good job getting him down.
  • Genesis is the first Horde-side guild on EU Blade's Edge to get the Amani War Bear. Good thing, too, because after the patch today, it's gone forever. Are they the only ones on the server to get it?
  • Months Behind is still raiding Sunwell, and they nabbed their first Eredar Twins kill this past week, and then went back in and did it again after the reset. They're still recruiting, too, anyone who wants to see Illidan and Sunwell dropped before Wrath.
  • Crimson Chaos of Hakkar-A finished off Gruul's Lair. Second try, first time in the instance for over half the raid. Nice job.
  • Phoenix Fury on Blackhand-H was short Warlock tanks for Illidan this week so they ended up going with a Hunter tank for Phase 4. And it worked -- they one-shotted him. "Look for more Hunter tanks in the weeks to come!" they say. "Talk about being resourceful!"
  • Conclave of Sin, a Horde guild on Area 52, downed the Illidari Council, making them 8/9 in Black Temple with every intention of taking on Illidan very soon. They are also 4/5 in Mount Hyjal, and they're putting Archi on notice.
  • Wild West, a Leftovers charter on Silver Hand-A has downed Reliquary of Souls, and, after just our first two nights of attempts and mere days before the patch, took out Kael'thas Sunstrider, getting more than a dozen of our members their Hand of A'dal titles. Grats!
  • Artifact on Ursin downed Vashj and KT, finishing up the push right before the patch. Most of the raid picked up their Hand of A'dal title before they couldn't any more.
  • The Renamed of Argent Dawn downed Kil'jaden this week. Rock on.
  • Khaos of EU Bronze Dragonflight brought down Gruul this past week -- they say lots of other players have passed them in progression, but that don't matter here at GW. We're down with every down.
  • Demise of Dath'remar has downed M'uru/Entropius for a server first. They're also recruiting for Wrath -- check the site for more info.
  • Epoch on EU Bronze Dragonflight-A have dropped Prince Kael'thas -- that makes them guild number 10 on the server. Plus, they sent along a video or it didn't happen.
  • Kharma on Kul Tiras-H completed the ZA timed run in 42 minutes, securing an Amani War Bear mount just before it became unavailable forever. There wasn't any Tier 6 in the raid, either, so it was all skill. Rock on -- and grats to Riizenette for picking up the bear with a random 100 roll.
  • Endless Fury on the Oceanic Realm Nagrand had to drop Kil'jaeden last week -- they aren't able to raid on Tuesdays, thanks to the patch, so this was it. They had a bunch of wipes already, and one more try -- a few people even hearthed to go grab some extra consumables for that extra boost. And finally, with just about 20 minutes left, they finished him off before 3.0.2 dropped. Grats!
  • Magic & Mayhem on Echo Isles-A, downed Kael for the first time earlier this week. Vashj got dropped last week, and they were trying to get 'er done before the patch -- finished him off on the 3rd attempt. They then went to one-shot Rage Winterchill and Vashj, just to pick up the attunements. Way to go.
  • Shinsei (Kilrogg-A) downed Illidan for the first time this week, just a few hours before the servers went down for patch 3.0. They were all very excited and relieved, they say, to drop him before the switch to 3.0 talent trees and mechanics. Grats!
  • Deus Invictus, one of the oldest standing guilds on the Gorefiend server, finally got prepared the night before patch 3.0.2, and dropped Illidan. They're recruiting knowledgeable and dedicated players for WotLK.
  • Martyr is a newly forming guild on the Bleeding Hollow server -- they're looking to form up a small, tight-knit group to raid 10 and 25 mans in Wrath. They're in "open" recruitment, but are selective based on applicants.
  • The Ancient Lords of Terenas-A is now recruiting all levels/all classes. They are a casual adult guild that goes into Kara, TK, and SSC weekly, and occasionally runs PvP premades. They're run by a member-elected leadership committee -- if you're interested in joining, apply on their website.
  • Warriors of Shadowdale on Stormrage was formed in July and have been rolling so far -- on their first trip into Karazhan they almost cleared the whole thing. They're seeking any class that actively plays and wants to push for BC and WotLK endgame content.
  • We Have Jobs on Illidan-A (winner of this week's Best Guild Name) are looking for Resto Druids, Rogues, BM Hunters, Mages, Shamans (all specs), and Warlocks. The guild raids twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you're looking for a casual end-game guild with an older age group (yes it's possible, they're 5/9 BT at the moment) then they might be the match for you. If you're wondering why they don't raid more, it's because... they have jobs.
  • Symbol of Aggression, Frostmane-H, is looking for a Raid Leader and Raiders to help organize/lead a "Casual" raiding core into the expansion. They're a large (250+ members, 40+ 70s), established, casual, family friendly guild, with a no vulgar chat policy. If you are a mature, casual player, looking for WoTLK raiding opportunities, SoA may be the guild for you.
  • Almost Farm Status is a Horse side guild on the Auchindoun server comprised of newer and older members of WoW with people of many different gaming backgrounds and experience. They welcome all who wish to join up -- right now they're laying low, but come Wrath, they're rolling as fast as possible towards a server first Naxx Kel'Thuzad kill. Currently, they are accepting all classes, yes, even hunters.
  • Birkana of Hellscream is recruiting -- they're a relaxed Horde guild looking for chill, friendly, and fun-seeking people to add to the ranks. Slowly building a core raiding group and hoping to hit Kara before WotLK makes it obsolete. All races, classes, levels and experience welcome, asshats and Gnome-lovers need not apply.
  • The Last Hope of Argent Dawn are looking for mature players who are looking for a great time and a casual raiding environment in Wrath. Their raids are laid back but efficient, and they will be focusing on casual progression with a core group through Northrend. All classes and specs welcome, as long as you're someone who is looking to have a good time playing and willing to contribute to the success of the guild's objectives.
  • Legion of Doom on EU Ghostlands-A are preparing a Night Shift Team to Raid between 23:00-02:00 ST. Ventrilo server available for raids. Focus on 10 mans and progression in WotLK. They say they value the person first and gear second. Both must be decent.
  • Oceania is a cross-guild raid on Feathermoon-H -- they cater to players from the Pacific Rim (Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand), as well as night owl Americans and some Europeans that got lost and ended up on our server anyway. The core of the raid is formed by the Dawn Vigil and Spoony Bards guilds, but they really have an average of 6-7 guilds represented. Oh, and they just killed Illidan the other day, too.
  • War Ensemble of Silver Hand is recruiting. They are a group of re-rolls and transfers looking to make early progress in Wrath. No specific class needs, but the usual tanks and heals are always a plus.
  • Attack The Darkness of Norgannon-US is recruiting for Wrath of the Lich King. They are looking for skilled players who will be in it for the long haul. Class is irrelevant. They say they want teammates, not mercenaries.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the strange case of Rob Parkins, and the Robin Hood of Gurubashi. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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