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High Voltage Hot Rod Show 'basically finished'


Even though it's the most recent High Voltage game to be revealed, there's a good chance High Voltage Hot Rod Show will beat both The Conduit and Animales de la Muerte to market. In an interview with WiiWare World, producer Josh VanVeld has revealed the game is "basically finished," and discussed the racer in quite a bit more detail.

The games that influenced Hot Rod Show are enough to make us excited for the project; VanVeld namedrops the likes of R.C. Pro-Am, Micro Machines, and Racing Gears Advance (while criticizing the likes of Excite Truck and recent versions of Mario Kart for "losing some of their focus"). In Hot Rod Show, close quarters racing and the long-forgotten art of memorizing tracks will be the order of the day. Typically for a High Voltage game, loads of attention has been paid to the controls. VanVeld reports that we can use a horizontally positioned Wii Remote (as in Excite Truck), the Classic Controller, a GameCube controller, or add a Nunchuk and use the thumbstick for steering.

After the disaster that was SPOGS Racing, there's definitely room on WiiWare for a cheap, well-made racer that can be enjoyed with friends (VanVeld says four-player splitscreen "could be the best experience you'll have with the game"); we can easily imagine High Voltage Hot Rod Show being that game.


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