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Pirates of the Burning Sea to get revamped avatar combat

James Egan

Swordfighting in Pirates of the Burning Sea is going through a major overhaul, not unlike how ship combat has evolved since the game launched. Flying Labs' Isildur has written a dev blog titled, "Avatar Combat Revision" which explains why changes were necessary, and how they envision the new system working.

Ultimately, the changes are intended to bring Pirates of the Burning Sea's combat closer to Isildur's ideal system: "I wanted a system that would let me slice through armies of minions like a hot knife through butter, but that would be tactical and complex in a one-on-one duel between evenly matched opponents." Read on below the cut for a listing of the fundamental changes coming to the game's avatar combat.

  • Initiative begins at 100 and regenerates constantly.
  • Initiative is the universal combat currency.
  • Balance does not affect defense.
  • Skills, effects and outfitting are all more effective.
  • There are fewer skills, organized into longer chains.
  • Almost all skills are area-of-effect.
  • Enemies have distinct archetypes and a broad skill selection.
Isildur gives background and detail on each of these changes, so if you're a Pirates of the Burning Sea player -- or are one of those gamers who liked the idea of a pirate MMO but not its implementation -- see if "Avatar Combat Revision" paints a different picture of the title for you.

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