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Rock Band 2: All Rock Band 1 DLC available for Wii, online features confirmed


We've heard denials, denials of denials, and redacted denials; and, most recently, we've had indirect confirmations. We were all pretty sure by now that the Wii version of Rock Band 2 will actually have the online features found in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, and that EA is actually selling Wii owners a whole game this time ... but it is nice to have some reassurance.

Said reassurance comes in the form of an IGN hands-on, in which Mark Bozon specifically states what is in the game and what is different. What compromises do exist are delightfully minor, like the loss of the tattoo and logo editors. Head-to-head online play is there, and online coop World Tour mode is there. Battle of the Bands daily challenges are downloadable.

The biggest news is that all of the DLC tracks from Rock Band, which were not available for download through the first Wii game, will be updated and made available for download in Rock Band 2. And as for the storage issue: it's about what you'd expect. Songs can be saved to SD, but must be copied over to the Wii's memory for play. Allow us at this point to express the extremely unpopular opinion of whatever.

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